Danny Boys
Irish Pub

Rueben Rolls Available
for a limited time!


Chicken Tenders (4)                                                                        $6.00

Chicken Nuggets (10) (20)                                  $3.00                  $5.00

Onion Rings (1/2 lb)                                                                             $5.00

Mini Tacos (12)                                                                                     $4.50

Mini Corn Dogs (12)                                                                             $4.50

Mushrooms (½ lb)                                                                                 $4.50

Cheese Curds (6oz) – (Regular, Garlic, or Jalapeno)                              $4.50

Mozz Sticks (5) w/Marinara Sauce                                                      $4.50

Broccoli Cheese Bites (8)                                                                     $4.50

Pretzel Fries (10) w/Cheese and Honey Mustard                                $4.00

Wings (6)                                                                                                $6.00

Naked Wings (6)                                                                                    $6.00

Nachos (Chips, Cheese, and Jalapenos)                                                   $4.00

Deluxe Nachos (Chips, Cheese, Jalapenos, Tomato, Sour Cream and Chix or Beef)            $7.00

Loaded Potatoes (Potatoes, BBQ Pulled Chix or Pork, Bacon, Shredded Cheese, Onion, Sour Cream)      $7.00

Tots (½ lb) (1 lb)                                                     $2.50                     $4.00

Fries (½ lb) (1 lb)                                                    $2.50                     $4.00

Cheese Fries (½ lb) (1 lb)                                       $3.50                     $5.00

Combo Basket                                                                                       $11.00

** (Combo Basket includes 3 items from above, excludes wings, deluxe nachos)

(Limit one order of Chicken Tenders per Combo) 




(Upgrade to a ½ lb Prime Rib Burger for only $2 more)


                                                                Sandwich        Basket*

Hamburger                                                          $6.00                   $8.00

A 1/3 lb burger on a bun

Cheeseburger                                                      $6.50                   $8.50

Hamburger with a slice of cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger                                          $7.00                   $9.00

A Hamburger with Cheese and Bacon

Island Lover                                                        $7.00                   $9.00

Bacon, Cheese, 1000 Island, Lettuce, Tomato

Ranch Burger                                                      $7.00                   $9.00

Big shock this has ranch on it. Also with bacon, lettuce, and cheese

Western Burger                                                   $7.00                   $9.00

Comes with cheese, onion rings, and BBQ

Loaded Tot Burger                                             $9.50                $11.50

BBQ Pulled Pork, Raw Onion, Tots, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream

Mushroom and Swiss                                        $7.50                   $9.50

Fresh sliced mushrooms with a blanket of Swiss cheese

Morning After Burger                                        $7.50                   $9.50

Bacon, Cheese, Tots, and an egg

Bacon Bleu Burger                                             $7.00                   $9.00

Topped with Bacon, Blue Cheese and Steak Sauce

The Jambo (PBB&J)                                          $7.00                   $9.00

Cheeseburger topped with Peanut Butter, Bacon and Jelly

The Spicy Eddie                                                 $7.50                   $9.50

Cheeseburger topped with Jalapenos, Jalapeno Curds and Jalapeno Aioli

Chipolte Black Bean Burger                             $7.00                   $9.00

An Organic Plant Based Vegan, Gluten Free Burger


*Baskets Include Fries or Tots

Extra sauce or add chips available for a .50 charge

NOTICE- Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, shellfish, or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.





Sandwiches and Such

Gyro                                                                    $6.50                   $8.50

Gyro meat slices with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce on pita bread

BLT                                                                      $5.00                   $7.00

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, but we're sure you already knew that

Grilled Ham and Cheese                                    $5.00                   $7.00

Grilled Cheese with Ham

Cheese Quesadilla                                              $5.00                   $7.00

Standard Cheese Blend in a Large Tortilla Shell

Beef or Chicken Quesadilla                              $7.00                   $9.00

Large Quesadilla with Taco Meat or Chicken

Guinness Battered Haddock Sandwich            $7.00                   $9.00

Guinness Battered Haddock with Cheese, Tartar Sauce and Lettuce

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich                      $7.50                   $9.50

Grilled or Crispy Chicken covered in Swiss and Ham

Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)            $7.00                   $9.00

Chicken Breast with Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo (available buffalo style)

Chicken Wrap (Grilled or Crispy)                    $7.00                   $9.00

Chicken with onion, lettuce, tomato, and ranch (available buffalo style)



Salad                                                                    $5.00                   $7.00

Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, shredded cheese (Add Chicken $2)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad                             $7.50                   $9.50

Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Shredded Cheese


Danny Boys Tap-Out Burger Challenge - $25

A Triple Leroy Meats Prime Rib Bacon Cheeseburger

Large order of Fries and an order of curds

·         30 minute time limit to completely finish meal in one sitting

·         After 5 finishing times are established, those become the times to beat to win

·         Only top 5 finishing times will be on Wall of Fame

·         Finish with a qualifying time and receive:

Meal Free Name and Photo on Wall of Fame Winners Hat


** Not eligible to receive meal free if you already hold a qualifying time **

Leroy Meats 1/2lb Prime Rib Burger!

***Upgrade from a 1/3lb chopped steak burger to a 1/2lb Prime Rib Burger for only $2 more***

*Baskets Include Fries or Tots

**All Burgers Available as a Wrap**

Extra sauce or add chips available for a .50 charge

NOTICE- Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, shellfish, or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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